Aisha and Abaya

Currently in pre-production. Rambert and The Royal Ballet in association with BBC Films and Robin Saunders. Designed by Uldus Bakhtiozina. Assistant Costume Maker. Working under supervision of Richard Gellar, Head of Costume at Rambert. Oficial Press Images from the Royal Opera House.


Invisible Cities

59 Productions and Rambert (2019) Manchester International Festival (Assistant Costume Maker) Designed by Laura Hopkins and Supervised by Megan Doyle.


Swan Lake

Royal Opera House (2018) Performed by the Royal Ballet and designed by John Macfarlane. Costume Assistant. Involved in the construction and decoration of the crowd tutus.


Fanny and Alexander

Old Vic Theatre (2018) Designed by Laura Hopkins and supervised by Megan Doyle. Ingmar Bergman’s film Adaptation.  Costume Assistant. 


The Divide

Edinburgh International Festival and Old Vic Theatre (2017/2018)
Designed by Laura Hopkins and supervised by Megan Doyle. Costume Assistant; Fabric and Costume sourcing and construction. Millenary making. Breaking down and costume alterations



Produced by () XVIII century historical feature film directed by Claudio Zulian. Nominated as a Best Costume direction at Gaudi Awards 2015. Designed by Elena Baluster. Costume Assistant


Barcelona 1842  Montjuic Castle Museum  

Produced by NANOUK FILMS (2014) Directed by Sergi Cameron (Costume Assistant) Historical recreation of the Barcelona bombardment of December 3rd, 1842 exposed at Castell de Montjuïc in the Military Museum Exhibition.


L'auca del Born

Produced by BITÓ PRODUCTIONS. Represented at the reopening of the Born Market as a Cultural Centre (2013) Theatrical representation for the 300th anniversary of the defeat of the Spanish Succession War in 1714. Designed by Irantzu Campos. Directed by Jordi Casanovas.  In charge of the daily dressing repairing costumes and organizing wardrobe items.